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    How to Start setup & config unmanaged vps

    I'm newbie for vps. i had use shared hostgator before. I have unmanaged vps on
    I don't know how to install & config vps
    I have domain on & Mysite need php and mysql.
    I think i will use Control Panel (Plesk Free for 1 domain)


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    If you have no experience in System Administration I would recommend getting a System Administrator to assist you with this or outsource it.

    However if you would like to setup things yourself, then install your preferred control panel first (i.e. Plesk, cPanel/WHM - recommended) and you should be able to do the rest of things from there like setting up your nameservers etc.

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    you should have chosen the to get a managed vps plan or get someone to help you. Like jason mentioned, Installing the control panel would help you.
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    Either get a managed plan, it's very convenient, there are some really helpful companies out there that can make all your VPS setup problems go away.

    Or, if you're looking to save a bit of money but don't have much experience administrating a VPS, you can hire a temporary administrator. This course of action is particularly efficient if setting up your VPS will be just a one time thing. You still need to keep the VPS updated but that's fairly easy to do on your own.
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