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    I have been helping someone look for a new hosting company. A vps or dedicated would be fine and 4gb ram minimal with 20gb disk space is needed.

    I have looked at and they seem great with rather cheap and amazing vps plans for there bandwidth is EXPENSIVE. 10tb of bandwidth is around 1800 dollars.

    has anyone used them or would you find somewhere else?
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    It is exceedingly rare for me to hear any complaints about Voxel, for what it's worth. They may not be the cheapest, but it's not common for a host to offer so many services and have been around as long as they have with a number of large customers and garner so very few complaints and so much praise.

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    They're very good, they just don't come with a lot of bandwidth included.
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    but thhe bandwidth is pretty good :-)
    If you need large bandwidth but it is very price sensitive - they are likely not the most suitable unless you can arrange a private deal on a fairly large sale perhaps
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