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    How to zip a folder and cut it into parts ?

    Sorry, i'm sorry if it's wrong place. I have an folder in my server, total size is about 5GB. I want to zip it and cut into 5 parts sized 1GB. Which command should i run.

    After reading via google, i just found out run
    zip -r homedir/
    to create a zip file.

    Thank you.

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    I'm not sure what plaform you are on, windows?
    ZIP cannot do this easily. That is, archives can be "split" or "spanned" but you don't see it often, because most zip utilities don't support decompression of segmented zip files.
    However you cn try this:

    I've been from Windows to Linux and back to Mac, and one thing I always try to keep with me is WinRAR; I haven't found anything like it.

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    When the new Zip file is being created, simply select the size you want for each part from Split Zip file in the Add dialog.
    To specify your own size, choose "Other size" in the drop-down list and type the desired size in the Other size field. You can specify the size in bytes, kilobytes (KB), or megabytes (MB); indicate which you're using by choosing from the list to the right of Other size. The minimum size allowed is 65,536 bytes (64KB).

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