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    Exclamation Trading of services for your services

    Still in search for a Designer/Coder. This is for a simple site(XHTML/CSS) nothing extravagant, just clean and simple! I am offering Dedicated Solutions/software/hardware in trade of the value of the design(and then some as not being cash). Want to help somebody out with there portfolio and help me out as I have quite a bit tied up in servers/staff/business licenses! There may be a bit of integration(1-4 pieces of software) value of all of this has been priced from $150-$400 so I expect the value of my offer to be that and then some!

    My msn is - [email protected]

    email - [email protected]



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    I sent you email

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    Replied! Thank you for the quick responses. Still open!

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    I am just looking for a design, pref sliced, and if you wanted to xhtml and css. $0-$100. Index-Subpage and possibly one other order page.



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    Job contracted! Thank you to all who pm'ed emailed and msned myself!



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