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    Bali Art World


    Please kindly review my site

    Bali Art World
    The art of the island of thousand temples

    Every input is really appreciated.


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    I like the layout a lot. It's clean, nicely layed out and easily navigated.

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    Your quote request area seems very difficult. Making people e-mail all that information and type it in by hand in their e-mail program is a lot of work. It gives the customer time to decide they don't need the items. The site seems organized well, but I would suggest having a form which they can fill out right on the site, filling in the info and submit it. If it's as easy as filling in the blanks, they might do it. If they have to open their e-mail program, remember what they have to include (item numbers, prices, address, etc.) they'll just go somewhere that it's all automatic. The rest seems good, but the final step is the most important, getting them to order. I would work on that.
    Kevin Hauge
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