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    Wordpress and Wamp not able to see created pages

    hey guys I just installed wordpress locally on my machine and I have been messing around with it. Im having a problem seeing pages that I have published. When i try to view them they come up as file not found. But I can preview them for some reason.

    any one ever have this problem before?

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    are your Pretty links enabled? How is the URL formatted?

    Like http://localhost/wordpress/index.php?p=69

    in the latter case, you'll need to add a .htaccess file in your WordPress root folder to make the URLs work again.

    This is just the first thing that came to mind after you said that previewing does work, because during preview no pretty links are used.

    Are you also sure you hit Publish after adding your posts & pages and not just Save?
    hi there!

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    I suggest to install xampp on your local pc as it it lite then wamp server. wamp occupies more space and xampp needs less space and then install wordpress on your local pc so you will be able to view it.

    And try to install according to the instructions given. so that it will not have problem for instal;lation as well as viewing the pages in browser.

    It happens most of the times that it doesn't work on wamp server.

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