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    Looking for vps with 50GB bandwidth 10GB disk for under $10

    Can someone suggest a vps provider who can provide <50GB bandwidth data , less than 10GB disk space and upto 256MB RAM for under $10

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    Have you ever heard of WiseDedi? I don't know if they offer that specific price, but I got mine recently for like only $16 bucks a month. It's really good so far. Support is unbelievably 24/7... I don't know if they sleep lol...

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    If you're looking for unmanaged hosting there are a few providers that have some plans which meet those specifications. Just take a look at the offers section. If you're looking for managed hosting however, or plans with cpanel, you might have to increase your budget a bit.
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    I am looking for unmanaged and no cpanel setup, just plain linux box.

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    Yea the linux box i have with wisededi is unmanaged.

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    Try . They provide more than that for $11/month. I've been using their system and loving it.

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    Try and see if they can setup a custom deal for you. I am one of their happy customers
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    Try looking at they can probably customize a package that works for you. They did for me

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    153 for UK based vps.

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    I only find is perfect for your choice. Only $7.99, 512MB RAM. But their connection port is limited to 10MBPS.
    or, $5.99, but ONLY 192MB RAM,yet they are 100MBPS PORT

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    From my own experience, I've to say, ask connectswitch if he can do it for you(I guess he can). I've 3 servers with them now, and quite happy

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    You might want to check the offers forum - there are lots of discounts in there - your requirements are reasonable enough so you should have no trouble finding what you need - there are many providers who will give you more than you want for that price point.
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    You can get a lovely little 256mb Xen VPS for $8/month (or less) at

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dedihost View Post
    Try looking at they can probably customize a package that works for you. They did for me
    Can you provide us with a domain you have hosted with them? You can either PM me or contact our helpdesk.


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    Never seen prices like these before personally, but I found this topic useful for myself also

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    Have you had a look in the VPS offers forum? There's quite a number of reputable hosting offers over there meet your requirements.
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