Hey everyone we are happy to announce we have been able to keep our schedule and start public testing today. We are going to only allow 10 public testing slots for now we need 5 people to test linux Virtuozzo and 5 people to test windows Virtuozzo. This will be a first come first serve testing opportunity so the first 5 people to the door in each category will get to be our testers.

If you wish to be a tester please PM me with the following details.

1) Name
2) Email Address
3) Company (optional)
4) Platform
5) Phone Number (optional)
6) IM (MSN/AIM/YAHOO) Contact (optional)
7) As much detail as you would like to provide about the environment you will be testing in
8 Any other information you would like to provide about yourself, ie experience level in system admin/virtuozzo etc... (optional)

Once we get this information and select our testers we will make updated posts in the thread letting everyone know sign ups have closed. Then we will contact the testers and get them the information they need to start testing.

Happy testing =).

Anthony Gruetzmacher