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    Phenom 9550 vs Opteron Shanghai 2376

    I was debating if it is worth the extra $400 (buying) to get the opteron over the phenom. What is the performance like between the two ? All insight would be great. Thanks.

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    A 2376 shouldn't cost $400 more than a Phenom 9550. I've been buying 2378s new in box for $189.
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    the optron

    2.3GHz, L2 Cache 512kb L3 6MB Cache, 75W

    the Phenom

    2.2GHz 4 x 512KB L2 Cache 2MB L3 Cache 95w

    the optron has 6.5mb cache while the phenom has 4mb cache also the optron will use less power.

    overall i would say the optron will outpreform the phenom by a healthy margin also with the optron you can build a dual cpu server something you cant do with the phenom.

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