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    Need someone who can host Groupwise

    I've only found one host that does Groupwise so far, there must be others?

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    unfortunately groupwise has such a high cost and learning overhead that it is not worth the effort for most hosting companies. Domino and Exchange pretty much seem to be the non linux/unix hosting standards. it would prob be cheaper to host in house and get a consultant to set it up for you.... outside of the public sector, novell seems to be almost obsolete. (I know I personally stopped updating my skill set after 5.5 and the linux changeover)

    Sean B

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    I've looked at several different software titles that claim they can convert groupwise to outlook or outlook exchange. Anyone have experience and knows what works?

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    i would advise staying away from GW unless there is a serious need to have it. I used it in a previous job and its nasty, as much as i hate exchange i would advise that if you need a groupware solution
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