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    What kind of load does image hosting put on a server?

    I have a dedicated that is oversized for the task (Q6600, 8gig RAM, Sata Raid-10 array), which is running a medium/small vBulletin site.

    I have thought about providing free image hosting for the members, so I could have 100-300 people hosting sig images and other graphics on the server, which they in turn would link into forums and other places which could create quite a few requests for those graphics.

    Is there anyway to quantify what type of load this static, image hosting would create?

    The server currently is typically around .05 to .1 server load with nearly flatlined CPU's.
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    It's hard to say what kind of load/traffic image hosting will generate without knowing the demand on requests, but it's probably a good idea to use something lighter than Apache for serving up static image content anyway.

    You can run something like lighttpd ( on an subdomain.
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    The php scripts, any conversion, etc can be pretty intensive.

    The actual serving of images done via something like nginx, lighttpd or even also using varnish when properly configured is generally limited more by disk IO then anything else.
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    Since the OP said he's gone with a RAID10 setup, in theory he should be safe.

    Using something lightweight then Apache will go far for serving the images.

    Without knowing the current real world utilization of your forum, I'd say you should be fine offering the image hosting to your members.

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