In today's economic climate, full-time staff to maintain customer contact isn't always an option. While BPO can save your organization a lot of money, other "offshore" operations often make use of third-world labor with poor English and Customer Service skills. Verdict Networks Australia hires only native English speakers, from Sales, Customer Service, and Technical backgrounds to ensure that your clients are treated with the utmost respect and there is nothing "lost in translation."

Special Offers

$25/hour Server Management (Save from $15/ hour)
Help Desk Support per server:- Was from $60 now from $48.00. (Save 20%) (Add management for $45 per server per month)
We also have per ticket plans available from $12.50 month. Email [email protected] now.

About Verdict Networks Australia

Corporate Responsibility - Our values
At Verdict Networks Australia our values are a shared understanding of what we stand for as an organisation. They describe the things we are not willing to compromise on in any situation – with our customers and our employees.

- Integrity - 'Do what is right'
- Collaboration - 'Work as one'
- Accountability - 'Own your actions'
- Respect - 'Value every voice'
- Excellence - 'Be your best'

Corporate Responsibility - Customer charter
Verdict Networks Australia Customer Charter outlines our commitment to providing convenient, simple and responsible Outsourcing services to our customers. It sets out the specific service standards our customers should expect us to meet, including a formal commitment to outsourcing in a responsible and transparent way. The charter reflects both the products and services that we currently offer and high standards towards which we aspire.


- Simple products
- Fast account opening
- Simple and clear communication


- Quick, friendly and reliable service
- Swift resolution of complaints


- Keeping Transparent

Corporate Responsibility - CEO statement
The Outsourcing industry has been crying for a change we find that customer's outsourcing needs are moving away from third world labor with poor English and Customer Service skills.

Since opening in early April 2009 we have had fast growth the reason to this I believe is that we are Australia owned and operated providing some of the affordable outsourcing rates in the world.

We have major work to be done, Our 2009 Goal is one core theme:

- Responsible products, services and decisions. Our customers are looking to us for stability and we will respond by providing simple, uncomplicated products and services tailored to their needs.

As always, I thank you for your support and welcome your ideas and input.

Joshua Hagan
Chief Executive Officer

Contact Verdict Networks Australia

Website -
Live chat - 24/7 Available on the Website
Email - [email protected] or use the contact form here.
MSN/Yahoo - [email protected]
Mobile - +61 404 319 727
Address - 56 Hayes Street, East Bunbury, Western Australia, 6230, Australia

Real Customers / Real Testimonals

Mark Schiavetta - Ultima Systems Australia & International

Written on the 15th June 2009
We've been using Verdict Networks Australia for two months now and have noticed an increase in overall sales volume during this period. It has enhanced the image of our company to have a 24 x 7 online professional sales team.

Verdict Networks Australia have been quick to learn about our service offerings and this has translated into being able to handle sales enquiries with a high level of competency. Verdict Networks Australia have been quick to answer our questions and adapt to any feedback received.

I also envisage that the partnership with Verdict Networks Australia will become stronger over time as we work together to enhance prospective client relations.
I would highly recommend Verdict Networks Australia as a 24 x 7 online sales and technical solution.

Best Wishes

Mark Schiavetta
Ultima Systems Australia & International

Other customers include

Other Products And Services

- Licensed Stardevelop Reseller
- Live Technical Support and Sales Agents
- Search Engine Optimization
- Remote and Australian Computer Support