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    [U.S.A] Xen Linux Vps Hosting / 2nd month free!

    Host our web is currently offering the following plans with your second month free! The second month free will show up as a monthly credit on your billing statement after 15 days of service. Should you have any questions please email sales @

    All plans comes with our xen control panel.
    Our Xen control panel allows you to connect directly to your xen server to control your VPS directly without using bandwidth. Also if you happen to mess up a network configuration (which we all have done), this allows you to fix the issue without the need for support! Think of it as hooking up a monitor and keyboard directly to your VPS. Reboot and shutdown functions are also included.

    All nodes are < 15 vps per server.

    Data center is located in Pennsylvania. Test ip is

    All VPS servers are typically setup within 15 minutes after a completed sign up. However A cpanel setup may take longer if you ask us to install it for you.

    Linux Starter
    • 10gb disk space.
    • 100GB Network Transfer.
    • Bandwidth graphs.
    • Xen Control Panel.
    • 256mb dedicated ram.
    • 1 ip address
    • DdOS protection.

    Signup here

    Linux Medium VPs
    • 15 GB hard drive.
    • 120 gb Network Transfer.
    • Bandwidth graphs.
    • Xen Control Panel
    • 512mb of dedicated ram
    • 1 ip address
    • DdOS protection

    Signup here

    LinuX Business Vps
    • 40gb of Disk space.
    • 150gb Network Transfer
    • Bandwidth graphs.
    • Xen Control Panel
    • Cpanel VPs license(optional: Included free).
    • 1024mb of dedicated ram
    • 1 ip address
    • DdOS protection

    Signup here

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    Can i order one more ip?

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    What's the size of Swap?

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    yes you can.

    There is a field for additional ip address in the signup forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gdtv View Post
    What's the size of Swap?
    swap can be as big as you like. Since we set these up for you I see no problem with giving your VPS 13 gb swap and 1.9 gb / with a 100MB /boot for a VM that has 15gb disk space.

    There is a note section in the order forum. If you wish to have a custom directory lay out let us know.

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    Have to make a subscription for payment?

    Thank you.


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    no we do not require a subscription for service. You can choose if you want to do a subscription or one time payment during signup.

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