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    * SQL Developer Required

    Hi all ..

    One of my customers has forums , uses vbulltin , it's very big forums , database it self sized 1.5 GB , and the server only handling 1 site ' The forums only '

    Server spec is good , 1.5 GHz cpu + 2 Gig's dedicated memory

    I want some one who can optimize the database or he has some solution to configure some sql file or what ever to optimize the server & optimize the database it self

    PS : already i use repair option in php my admin & optimize option , i want expert person who really knows how to deal with database like this , not just running quires is and removing logs .. etc

    This is snap shot from server , shows how this ' forums ' consuming server resources

    Snap shot is here

    it's better to get person professional in sql & Vbulltin script

    Let see the deals !

    Thank you

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    This is in the wrong forum for a start...

    Anyhow what is your budget?
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    Where i should post it ?

    it depends on tasks that will be done , could i know what's the tasks that you will perform ?

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    Just as an aside -- a 'very busy' forum with a 1.5 GB database is going to need a beefier machine than a 1.5 Ghz, 2 GB ram box. You may be better served upgrading the server to something even remotely qualified to handle that sort of load before looking at severe optimizations.

    A quad-core 2.0+ Ghz machine with 4+ GB of RAM isn't that expensive these days, in dedicated or colo environments.

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