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    i am new to webshosting . I really would love to have a great deal of information / resources on how to host my own sever . Pricing , type , description would be highly apreaciated .

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    Are you looking to own your equipment or rent a dedicated server from a company? There are a lot of things to look into before starting a web hosting company. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get any company of the ground. Do you have enough money to be in the red for a few months? Our best advice is to start out small and grow from there.

    Do you know Windows Server or Linux like the back of your hand? Have you looked into control panels such as DirectAdmin (highly recommended), cPanel, Helm, or Plesk? Do you have a website along with a business plan ready to go?

    These are just a few simple questions and if you can answer them all, you are on the right track. There are tons of good articles and posts on this forum that will help you get your business off the ground should you decide this is something you want to do.
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    Your going to need to put money into it, I can say..

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    What is your goal with "hosting your own server"? Are you wanting to host clients as a provider or just put your own sites online, etc...?

    Once we know what you are trying to accomplish we can give you some better advice - chances are there isn't any need to bring a whole server online just for yourself at least not at the beginning.
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    I need to know your requirements to suggest you accordingly.

    1. Do you want rented server or one time purchased?
    2. How may web sites would host at that?
    3. What is your budget for this project?

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    first, what are you intending to do for this web server?

    Some people may only need a VPS plan, while other would require a dedicated plan (rented / purchase).
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    I suppose you need to think over that what you would like to have hosted there. Maybe that worth to calculate your needs first and then starting looking for the hosting. In any way I believe reading some articles would be helpful to you as well

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