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    PHP script - downloading huge files

    1. Is this the correct way (efficiency) to do this? (on WinXP box, local server, PHP command line) (no, I can't use the win32 ports of wget, curl, etc)

    2. 8192 (8Kb) is OK? what about a larger 1MB buffer?

    3. Download speed is not a problem, but these scripts should work 24x7 for 2 or 3 days. Is this bad for the 1TB WD hard disk? fwrite=automatic buffering (by WinXP)?

    $handler = get_handler($url1);
    if (!$g = fopen($local_file, 'a'))
    while ($buffer = fread($handler, 8192))
        fwrite($g, $buffer);

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    Its okay. But if you are using java you can implement threading to handle this in a better way.

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    Need to see the code of get_handler()
    Looks like it's loading the entire file into ram.

    If it's not, a 8k buffer sounds about right.

    You will also need to modify the loop as follows:
    while (!feof($handler))
        $buffer = fread($handler, 8192);
        fwrite($g, $buffer);

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