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    [U.S.A.] $65 Dual processor Dedicated Server

    We have only 10 of these remaining so ACT FAST!
    Purly a first come first serve basis.

    Cost: $65 a month.

    • 2x Dual intel xeon processors @ 3.06GHZ w/ 512kb Cache
    • 3Gb of ram
    • two 72gb Hard drive's
    • 1 ip address

    Each additional ip address is $1 a month.

    We offer shared* KVM access to this server. With this KVM you may
    • Attached directly to the servers mours, keyobard, and video ports though a java window
    • Mount ISO (cd rom images) directly from your computer to the server

    You will get Unlimited Bandwidth for this server but port speed is limited to 10Mbs.

    We offer Windows Operating systems with the following additional prices. We will install this operating system for you at no cost.

    Windows 2003 (standard) $20 extra a month.
    Windows 2003 (Data Center eddition) $35 extra a month.
    Windows 2007 (standard) $20 extra a month.
    Windows 2007 (Data Center eddition) $35 extra a month.

    Monthly agreement, no contract.

    Test Ip:
    Datacenter Location is in PA.

    Signup link is here here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Host Our Web View Post
    Windows 2007 (standard) $20 extra a month.
    Windows 2007 (Data Center eddition) $35 extra a month.

    Microsoft did not released OS called "Windows 2007".

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    should read windows 2008.

    for everyone else... please know that all references to 2007 should be 2008.

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    Are you sure Windows 2008 Data Center is $35/month (seems too cheap ).
    Also, do Xeons you offer with $65 server support hardware virtualization (will Hyper-V work with this machine)?

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    This class of Xeon does not support hyper V.
    Confirming with our SPLA agreement we are able to provide you with the data center edition for that price.

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    Thanks all for looking but we are currently out of stock on this product.

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