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    Exclamation Intel Core2Quad Q9300 or Intel Core2Quad Q6600


    i have found this 2 servers in


    any of the best for hosting vps

    Thx you
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    will host only 6 vps
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    I think the Q9300 is faster - it is 100 MHz faster and has a higher Bus speed (important for memory acess), that will be more important than the 1 MB more Cache with the Q6600
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    Q9300 is about 20% faster than Q6600. It's also newer with 45 nm technology.

    Both are good processors in any case. I'd go with Q9300 if it's not very expensive (I don't think it is).
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    Thx you for replay what about the L2 Cache what it is best more cache or more speed

    Harzem how much cost Website Design for whmcs pm me i see you have alot of good design
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    The Q9300 is faster, although they are both excellent (just ordered a Q6600 from
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  7. yes Q9300 is faster then Q6600
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