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    Who uses Aim IM Forwarding (host or customers)

    I was curious if any hosts who have support via AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) or us everyday folk have it set to forward them as a text to mobile? I'm curious on costs, if you have Verizon Wireless extra helpful, and how well it works.

    I may be just urinating into a gale on this.
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    I have AIM forward to my cell for everything - personal and business.

    People can catch me any and everywhere, since I don't have a blackberry or anything really for mobile email etc, just a Voyager.
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    I use AIM IM forwarding as well. The only cost is the SMS cost, if your provider assesses it, from what I know.

    I have unlimited SMS, so no issues for me.

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    I use it for business and personal reasons. As Mike said.. the only cost if your providers charge for text messages. I too have unlimited SMS so there is no fee for me.
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