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    Domain Name Registration Integration using APIs


    I have written a PHP application which I would like to put onto a host (not decided which one yet). It uses MySQL as a backend. Does anyone know which host out there maintains a set of APIs that will allow for domain name registration integration with my application? i.e. register domain name, tie domain name to my hosted application.

    Ideally, I am looking for a cheap, reliable host that will allow me to be a reseller of domain names as well.


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    Most of the domain registrars are providing the APIs these days, they are easy to integrated and provide the features you wnat. But before you can do this you will have to become the reseler of one of these. Some good names are: -


    and there are many more.



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    As Maneet has said there are many companies that offer reselling of domain names but it is mainly registers and not the hosting companies you would be dealing with such as for example which offer a really good API and you can easily find a main reseller to setup a free sub account for you to use.


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    As said by AeonCube, this is the feature of registrar and not the webhost. So you will have to find a registrar which has API support for PHP.

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    Thanks for the reply. I just sent an email to eNom to let them know that their offerings are just too confusing - lets hope they do reply.

    For webhosting combi with what Maneet suggested, do you have any suggestions? I am really concerned with support. I know dreamhost might be a cheap alternative, but am not sure about their support levels.

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