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    Apache 2.2.11 Vs Apache Apache 2.0.63

    Well i am using 2.0.63 version and already having high load issue becoz of apache so should i have to upgrade to new version 2.2.11 ? is new versin liter as compared 2.0.63 please suggest what should i do know i am running a forum on the server.

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    I don't think it is issue with apache.

    Can you paste top results here ?

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    I think you need to upgrade to the latest version of Apache (2.2.xx) and then perform some Apache/MySQL optimizations.

    Google optimizing Apache and Optimizing MySQL

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    Well i upgrade to new version but now its seems hat i cant optimize apache because all apache optimization value missing over here like






    MaxSpareServers and MinSpareServers

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    Did you compiled apache with a MPM ?
    After you are sure that a MPM is compiled into apache use the following example:
    Add into the file: httpd.conf

    <IfModule prefork.c>
        StartServers 10
        ServerLimit 1000
        MinSpareServers 20
        MaxSpareServers 1000
        MaxClients 1000
        MaxRequestsPerChild 20
    Do not use the above numbers, I used them just to show you how it's done.
    EDIT: This config is for prefork mpm as you can see. - Managed dedicated servers, cloud servers and software development.

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