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    * need advices on two hosting resellers

    i'm a reseller and in a dilemma...

    basically i've narrowed my choice to and

    features offered are a little different but is giving me alot more bandwidth...

    Problem is i already have a mthly contract with onefusion.

    Please you gurus out there, can u advise me:
    1) is it possible to migrate my clients over to a new provider - how smoothly?
    2) how is Ensim control panel compared to CPanel?

    i need to know if it's ok to migrate after i start business. i cannot and don't want to ditch my clients...
    thank you

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    1) from CPANEL to Ensim does generate problems, you are better off to transfer them manually.

    2) Cpanel is much better and more advanced and user friendly. 99% of hosting clients preffer cpanel if they are aware of both CPs.


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    Cpanel has mosr bugs.. Atleast in Cpanel4 it did.. We messed around with it for a while and just found that it would create too many issues and it was more trouble than it is worth. We have been using Ensim for about a year now and has proven to be the most secure/rock solid control panel we have used yet..

    From what people have told me CPanel5 is having less issues then prior version so you might want to give it a shot for a month or so and see how it works.

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    If your clients on using Cpanel now, do not try and take them to Ensim they will leave in mass, especially the ones using any of the scripts with Cpanel which Ensim does not have.

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