Hey everyone,

I am just trying to move some domains (.co.uk and .com) from the exisiting registrar (who doesn't offer a 301 redirect for parked domains) to a new one that does.

I tried namecheap.com who i have used before but you can't store a credit card on there for recurring payments which isn't ideal.

I signed up with godaddy but for some reason you apparently can't transfer .co.uk names in, you can buy them new, just not transfer them.

Oneandone.co.uk (who i've used before and really don't like) don't offer 301 redirects.

All i need is a registrar that allows 301 redirects on parked domains and that i can transfer .coms and .co.uks in. Does anyone know of a good one i can use?

Thanks so much for any advise,