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    Looking for partner

    I am looking for a partner to help run my small hosting business.

    A little background so you know what I am looking for.

    I am currently employed with (fortunately) a well paying job. This job however takes me away for sometimes months at a time. This allows me to have the resources to start a business but does not really allow me to give full time attention to it.

    I currently have a few clients and am already running at a profit, but I need to have somebody that would be able to work with me in order for this to have any future.

    I am in need of somebody with solid knowledge of CPanel and WHM. This is a must. Running and administration of a server would be great!

    If you are looking to start something but don't have the resources and are willing to work with a partner this could be for you.

    Don't reply if you are expecting to make a tremendous amount of money right away. If you want to join me and start with a solid foundation them please contact me.


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    * Rusko Enterprises LLC - Upgrade to 100% uptime today!
    * Premium NYC collocation and custom dedicated servers
    call 1-877-MY-RUSKO or paul [at]

    dedicated servers, collocation, load balanced and high availability clusters

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    Thank you to everybody who showed interest, I am no longer looking for a partner.

    Gustave Dahl

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