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    Migration to VPS from Yahoo small business

    Hi! I am a customer of yahoo small business shared hosting and as you know they have their own control panel and not Cpanel or plesk. Now I want to migrate to VPS hosting. How can I do it? I have asked the yahoo guys a number of times but they choose to remain unresponsive. I googled for website migration but I couldn't gather for a migration without cpanel usage. How do I do it? Or will there be freelancers or web development companies who can handle the migration task for me? Please help guys.

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    If you really need lots of help, you would be looking into getting a managed plan.

    VPSes you have to set up. It takes command line work, and they have to be secured and updated. If they are kept updated, they're awesome though!

    So it sounds like you either should hire somebody to set the VPS for you (and definitely get a managed VPS) or stay on shared.

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    Most VPS managed companies do offer free migration, even if it's from yahoo small business, should be fine but may take longer.

    Send them an email before signing up.

    Good luck
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    yes, we have done several migrations from yahoo control panel to cPanel, all them finish successfully, so there is no reason for you to be concern, just ask assistance to your new hosting provider

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    Yep, just find a VPS provider that offer what you need and check they do free migrations, most do. If you want cPanel on your VPS, bear in mind the licence is another $15.

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    Thank you so much for your replies..I contacted FazeWire webservices and they offered free migration..I'm going ahead with their Wind plan which goes like :
    Storage Space: 25GB
    Monthly Bandwidth: 225GB
    Dedicated RAM: 512MB
    Burstable RAM: 1024MB
    Price: $34.95 a month + $12 for cPanel.

    It seems fit for my needs..

    Thanks again!

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