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New Summer Discounts Off First Invoice!

Monthly(90% Discount) Coupon: SUMMER1
Quarterly(75% Discount) Coupon: SUMMER2
Semi-Annually(50% Discount) Coupon: SUMMER3
Annually(25% Discount) Coupon: SUMMER4

These coupons expire on June 30th, 2009, and are only available to new signups. Existing customers have a different set of summer discounts available to them. Please open a ticket with our Sales Department for any further questions about these discounts.

As of June 25th, 2008 we have upgraded our servers to a Fail Safe Server Setup to reduce downtime and improve server response times. You may find more information about this at -Failover-

Advanced Features
SSH Access
Reverse DNS
Daily Backups
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Free Setup
24/7 Technical Support

PHP 4 & 5
Zend & eAccelerator
Imagemagick w/GD
Server Side Includes
Frontpage Extensions

Real Audio/Video
Windows Media
FFmpeg, PHP-FFmpeg
Mplayer, flvtool, lame

Hosting Plans

(All Prices Are Before Discounts Are Applied)

One of our main strengths is that we offer hosting plans suitable to almost any kind of budget.

Budget Plan 1
400 MB Disk Quota
10 GB Monthly Transfer

Budget Plan 2
900 MB Disk Quota
25 GB Monthly Transfer

Budget Plan 3
1.5 GB Disk Quota
50 GB Monthly Transfer

Advanced Plan 1
3 GB Disk Quota
75 GB Monthly Transfer

Advanced Plan 2
5 GB Disk Quota
150 GB Monthly Transfer

Advanced Plan 3
10 GB Disk Quota
250 GB Monthly Transfer

For more specific information on our plans, you may visit Hosting Plans

If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected].