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    Talking 30 month review of Gigenet

    17 months review:
    10 months review:

    So it has been over a year since my last review of Gigenet so I figured I'd post an update. It has almost been 30 months since I started using Gigenet.


    I think that speaks for itself as I'm still getting the same great service I have always received. My server is always up and the network is always fast. They have added a few providers in their mix which has helped improve performance.

    I believe I have contacted support once which was answered in five minutes so kudos there.

    One thing I do want to mention is I had the opportunity to actually visit the data center and meet with the staff (I was in Chicago to visit a friend). The data center was amazingly clean and well planned out cabling/labeling/etc. I appreciate the staff taking the opportunity to show me around and to answer questions, always good to have a company that is willing to take time out to visit with you.

    In conclusion Gigenet has been by far the best experience I have ever had with a dedicated hosting provider and I look forward to the many years ahead of hosting with them.

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    Nice review. Gigenet is an amazing place. They are very clean and are quick to the call.
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    That is short but that is nice. They should be happy to have such loyal customer like you.

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    Thanks for the follow up. Happy to hear every thing running fine for you. Always it is a great thing to get such a host which has been providing a good service for such a long time. Expecting 36 months review from you

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    Quote Originally Posted by RossH View Post
    ... Gigenet has been by far the best experience I have ever had with a dedicated hosting provider and I look forward to the many years ahead of hosting with them.
    That about sums up my experience and expectations as well.

    What can I say? I love that place!
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    I've been a customer of Gigenet for about the same amount of time (since Jan '07) and this lines up with my experience as well. I hardly have to think about my services there -- things just work.

    I'd highly recommend them to anyone.
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    Glad to see a happy customer face. Hope your experience will stay the same in future. Thanks for the review.
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