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    Sub-domains Cause Strain On Server?

    I have a dedicated server, and was wondering do creating too many sub-domains cause any type of strain on the server?

    I was thinking of creating 10-15 sections on my site and doing instead of since the sub-domain looks better, in my opinion.

    I'm on SoftLayer by the way. So far their service has been outstanding.

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    They will not cause any more strain than accessing the site by
    cPanel Hosting - Best support in the hosting business!

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    You might want to rethink your sub-domain idea. One of my hosting clients uses Stephanie Sullivan for his designer (she's written quite a few books on design etc). Stephanie recommended that all of this client's requests to anything other that be 301 redirected to as the google analytics, alexa etc stats get messed up with multiple sub-domains in. This even applies to just should be 301 redirected to

    Food for thought.

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    I too read that this could possibly mess up SEO. Me, I have maybe three MAIN sub domains but use folders for all else. BILLING, HOSTING and maybe one other, the rest folders.

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    Really? That's interesting. Sub-domains mess up SEO? I would think they would help just because the keyword in the sub-domain is upfront instead of in the back. Also because a lot of big sites

    I mean woudln't a site about football be more likely to be indexed higher in a search for football if it was as opposed to since the word football is in front?

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    Using subdomains normally mess things but, maybe because the search engine considers text as the same content?

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