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    My Domains become randomly unavailable for short periods

    Some of my Linux(WHM/Cpanel) hosted domains have a weird problem. They randomly become unavailable to me for periods of half hour to 2 hours. During this time I get a server not found error and I cannot access the domains through FTP either. However if I use a proxy or try to reach the domain through another server using RDC I am able to reach it.

    What could be going wrong? Can you help me resolve this issue please?
    M S Gupta

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    Check out your dns

    Also check your error logs and messages log for any signs of unusaul activity/issues.
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    Most likely either your name server or your ISP is having DNS issues. You might consider testing with OpenDNS for a few days, just to see if it is an ISP issue. is where you will want to look. Basically, it takes your DNS requests and forwards them to their servers instead of your ISP's. This will help isolate where the problem lays.

    If it works with OpenDNS, it is an ISP issue. If it does not, it might be a name server issue.

    Let us know if this helps. We'll be able to help you troubleshoot further from there.

    Good luck!
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    Hey Maithily,

    When you have problem in resolving your domain just follow these steps,

    dig @nameserver

    where nameserver is your nameserver for the domain and is your domain.

    Exaple dig

    where is my name server for domain and my domain which is not resolving.

    Thank you

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