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    One Monitor/keyboard to several servers at once?


    Just built my homemade server rack and I have 6 newly acquired 'used servers' and an old and very heavy monitor with keyboard.

    How can I best hook up the monitor/keyboard to multiple servers and just switch them? Is there such a thing a 'switch' for peripherals?

    I would need plenty of connection cables not doubt.

    Kind Regards,

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    You just need a KVM switch, something like this: (obviously not big enough for your needs however)

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    Thanks, though your link does not work for me?

    However the key was 'KVM switch'. It seems I long had and used little usb Belkin for a few external hard drives and to extend the hook-up to a scanner.

    I then found 'Tripp Lite' manufacturers or line of products and see this issue has been well addressed by the rest of planet while I 'slept' elsewhere!

    Thanks for your time!

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    Now here is an interesting quandary no doubt common.

    I found my product of choice (price is right) and the company product web page clearly states that it... 'Computer Connections
    Direct to 4 and Daisy Chain or Cascading up to 64 (External power supply may needed)

    Yet when I solicit IOGEAR Support they promptly reply;


    The GCS84B does not have support for cascading or daisy chaining multiple KVMs together.


    Service Support"


    Now the question morphs to; anyone had occasion to daisy-chain some of these 'MiniView™ SE KVM Switch' from IOGEAR?

    Or anything similar? Or rich with experience doing same and want to share something I should look out for? As I am set to acquire them on the morrow and starting experimenting soon thereafter.

    Kind Regards!

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