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    * INSTANT SETUP VPS! $7.16 for 512 MB - 10% Off *Redundant RAID10 Dual Xeon Servers*


    Following are WHT special offers for this month of June!!

    They are WHT exclusive offers are are NOT listed on our website!!

    The VPS are hosted on Dual Quad Core Xeon servers with RAID10 configuration. All servers are connected to 100 Mbit ports. These are located at St. Louis, MO.

    Use coupon code OVZ10OFF to get 10% off your first month!!

    Don't wait for hours to get your vps. Place the order, complete the checkout process and check your email -- Start using your vps within seconds!!

    NEW! Double your disk space for just $2.5/month on either plan!! (Open a support ticket, or mention the same in "Additional Information" section while ordering.

    OVZ #1
    25 GB Disk Space
    750 MHz Guaranteed CPU
    512 MB Dedicated RAM
    1024 MB Burstable RAM
    400 GB Data Transfer - FREE Upgrade to 600 GB
    1 IP Address
    Order Now
    $7.95/month - Use coupon code to get this plan at $7.16 for the first month

    OVZ #2
    60 GB Disk Space
    1.6 GHz Guaranteed CPU
    1024 MB Dedicated RAM
    2048 MB Burstable RAM
    800 GB Data Transfer - FREE Upgrade to 1200 GB
    1 IP Address
    $17.95/month - Use coupon code to get the plan at $16.16 for the first month

    Order Now

    All VPS are, by default, setup with CentOS 5, but we do have other OS available.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to post a response here or contact us at [email protected]

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    Some questions below:
    1. At your order page, free upgrade to 600 GB was end at 5/31. No more the free upgrade?
    2. Do you provide any basic CP for user to reload OS or reboot by them self?
    3. What's the meaning of instant setup? How long is it?
    4. I don't need the double disk space promotion at this moment. Can I have it once I think is needs?
    5. The price $7.95/month is freez as long as I keep the account? or any limitation on that?
    6. I saw in your another post, Lxadmin(not HyperVM) could be installed free of charge. How long will it takes from new order placed and get the VPS setup with Lxadmin? I guess it just a part of OS reload, right?



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    is it include cpanel or direct admin panel ?? if not what are their prices ?
    and do you accept credit cards ??

    one more question .. is that offer for ever ? or it is for period of time and then the price of OVZ #1 plan will be back to $30.00/mo as it is in your website ??


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    I need of linux with GUI installed.

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