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    does it matter what company you register you domain name with? and other questions

    i was wondering does it matter what company you register your website name with? does it all go to verisign or what?

    also, i know this has been raised 17,456,255 times, but what webserver should i go with. theres so many but these are my main points im looking for.
    1. mysql and cgi bin
    2. at least 100mb space
    3. online inbrowser editor[ kinda like yahoo]
    4. less than $10 a month and 10gb data transfer
    also, i want to be able to post nude pictures. i dont want to start a porn site, i want people on a forum to be able to post 1 pic of a woman topless and then not be cancled the next day.

    i want to go with powweb, they seem to be ok, but they are gay with there nudity law. im not trying to start a porn site, i just dont want a gay forum where you cant curse or post the occasional nude pic.

    ok thanks. im know im irattaing some of you by posting this and not searching, but theres too much to read through in a search.

    thanks for any help.

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    Not really, but ask the host if the domain is registered in your name (if you signup with your host)
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    use a primary accredited register. godaddy seems to be the cheapest and the easiest.
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    I do believe it does make a difference in some cases whom your registrar is, And the reason is this.
    I have a registrar I tried out with a single domain name because of cost. Well, If i want the domain name forwarded they charge 35$ per year WOW.... My other regular registrar offers this as well as email forwarding, domain parking, and everything else at no extra cost. They do cost 2$ more per year. You need to check these features as you may need them at one time or another.

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