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    Replace hypervm/lxadmin ?

    Yeah, now we know hypervm/lxadmin have some exploit. My server is ruuning with lxadmin. Is there any panel to replace it ? I mean we can easily to reload OS, use File Manager like hypervm...

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    There are already threads about this in the VPS Forum, I believe.
    Use the search feature next time.

    A good alternative to LXAdmin, is directadmin, but it does cost money.

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    Directadmin is quite cheap as compared to cpanel.
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    I switched to DirectADmin and love it

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    DirectAdmin is great if you're on a budget and can be picked up relatively cheap, especially for a VPS, since an internal VPS license only costs $5 per month.

    cPanel, well it's cPanel. Its what the majorty of WHT uses, and its going cost ya if you want to host on that platform. Obviously cPanel is a bit more established, and has a rather larger community backing it. DirectAdmin however is nothing to sneeze at.

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