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    Looking for windows reseller

    Hi All... I'm new here and hope you help me to find my request...
    I'm a windows reseller with data packet and need to find another company with same feature and same price...
    My reseller plan is:
    25 GB space
    250 GB Bandwidth
    All DB unlimted
    Mail Accounts Unlimited
    Helm Control panel
    All scripts
    one click install application
    Price $9.99 / month

    Actuly they provide good feature but the customer service not exist and the domains and users get self deleted and no one helping...

    Hope some one can assist me to find a new good company

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    you cant get a reliable host at the price on windows im sorry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darkeden View Post
    you cant get a reliable host at the price on windows im sorry.
    darkeden is correct, you will need to raise your budget to at least $20.00-$30.00 per month for Windows.
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    one click install application
    Last I heard the HELM auto-installer (application packs) was very buggy.
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    You will need to up your budget a bit if you are looking for good Windows hosting for only $9 a month with the requirements you posted.
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    As everyone said, you will need to raise your budget and come up with a more realistic figure for Databases quota since there are only few companies who can accommodate your requirements (eg. DataPacket). Also, do you have preference for flavor of Windows OS - Win 2003/Win 2008?

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    If you are serious about offer quality hosting stay away from unlimited database plans and servers. In the long run this will degrade the service and cause your own service to suffer. Also if you find a plan for $9.99 per month it won't be long before you are searching for another host. Save yourself time and money and do it right the first time.

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    Yea, Man your going to need to raise your budget. I wish that plan would run for $10 a month.

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