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    Suspecting server is causing high bandwidth usage


    For the past few days, one of the server is causing a bandwidth utilization surge for the entire rack on almost daily basis. It happen for a few minutes and it went off then it will be the same thing again the next day. When the surge is happening, most of the servers on the same segment will be inaccessible for the few minutes.

    The bandwidth utilization graph for my rack is recording an abnormal surge from (6mbps --> 90mbps) for the few minutes. My MRTG is showing 2 of the Plesk servers giving the problem but the NOC guys said it the Cpanel that causing the problem.

    I tried logging in to both servers but could not find what's the cause for this. Anybody could help?

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    Use NTOP or Munin to get a better help on the cause of the problem.


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    You should be graphing your bandwidth either on a per-port or a per-nic basis. SNMP polling via something like is how most big DCs can figure out per-port usage.

    If you're accurately graphing each port or network card, and you see a spike, that's where your problem is. Now as to why the NOC says its a different machine, it sounds like one of you two have a mislabeled graph.

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