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    New control panel

    [Copied from what i said on the HyperVM forum. Please dont say that there are too many out there and that you dont think i can do it! I can do it because i have experience in large web applications! It like to create a few versions (updates to put simply) and see how it goes!]

    [O and im a new time poster, long time reader! Just never needed an account on here thats why it says 0 posts!]

    Hi guys,

    Im sure there are plenty of people out there that want to have a go at creating a new control panel but as a university student I believe actually doing a project like that would really work well with my course! (And because im a very big HyperVM user)

    So yes.. Id like to create a control panel! The usual...
    No price. If it was to ever get big i may consider how LXLabs did it (5 free, after that its $xx.xx) but that's not even in my mind at the moment

    Id like to think I could do a release every week. As im not working over the university holidays probably more often for the time being!

    So id like to know what the absolutely vital features of a 0.1 release would be.. (Id prefer to stay away from using the HyperVM DB but I could probably create an import mechanism)...

    Would be nice for some input please as its something im quite interested in doing.


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    Congratulations on your new project. Look around the VPS forums, there are several users who have developed their own control panel or are in the process of doing so and have asked for suggestions/features. You can start from there.

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    I would say the vital functions are:

    Admin: create, delete, resize, start stop, restart and IP management.

    Client: Start, stop, restart

    Those are the vital functions. once you have those you can think about adding reformat VPS/ change OS for clients.

    Hope this helps

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    Much appreciated guys! My thoughts were pretty much exactly the same including WHMCS so its good to have the confirmation.

    Time to get to work!

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