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    Paypal dispute and claim for webhosting

    If a web hosting company goes out of business (their website is down) , has anyone have any experience getting their money back by raising a Paypal dispute. How soon do you escalate it to a claim? The payment was through Paypal subscription.

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    In my experience with paypal and webhosting, the buyer almost always wins. If the web hosting company "went out of business", if you're lucky, maybe they wont even respond to the dispute and then you will automatically get your money back

    If the company is gone, and did not listen to your request for a refund, I think you have good odds at getting your money back.

    Best of luck getting your money back and with your next provider.

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    Thanks for the reply. How soon is the seller expected to reply, or should I escalate it to a claim?

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    Wait for 2-3 days. After that Contact Paypal and discuss the whole trouble with them. Maybe this can help you.

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    Actually there is no dispute process for non-tangible goods. This is something that has been aired several times and if you read the terms of service at PayPal you'll recognize this. If the claim is un-answered by the merchant then the claim will be closed.

    There is no escalation process, theres actually no way to even file a complaint for non-tangible goods so whatever you did to even get it that far is pretty much being deceptive.

    Now i've filed complaints before with companies over issues for other random things usually lying myself about what the claim is for and usually most companies will see that and deal with it however Paypal is never going to refund the buyer.

    Your best option would be to ask PayPal directly what happens if the merchant I purchased services from closes, more then likely PayPal would in a situation like this credit you and charge the webhost if possible.
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    If you have any troubles with a web host and you paid by PayPal, just fill a claim and contact PayPal's customer care. They'll take care of the refund. Of course it is a good idea to be a verified member of PayPal.
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    If there is no response from the seller, do you automatically get your money back or should you escalate it to a claim? I have also sent an email to the web host's Whois address and a PM on this forum , but have got no reply so far.

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