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    IsMyWebsite Hostign rocks!

    Sorry i'm kind of having trouble understanding this forum seeing that it's basicaly all the same (hosting) but by far the best hosting i've had is compared to or **********.com
    This hosting is really awesome :d The hosting is helping me create the next generation of Anime community name AnimeSpaces.


    The website is FREE and has awesome dedicated servers.
    And not once have i had trouble with my site or servers.
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    Would you mind sharing the website you're hosting with them? You can just tell the moderators only via this link: We'll respect your privacy. Thanks!

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    okay i'll add the site link to the mods.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AnimeSpaces View Post
    okay i'll add the site link to the mods.
    Thanks, but would be a better place to review free hosting
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