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    Sleaze watchdog launches probe MP Jim Devine's expenses

    Hopefully this will be the start of finally nailing these scumbag mp's who think it's ok to defraud the public purse for their own benefits.

    The MP – who has been banned by Labour bosses from standing for the party again – is under pressure over claims totalling 4,483 for rewiring his London flat and shelving work carried out by the landlord of his local pub.

    The rewiring claim was supported by a receipt bearing a bogus VAT number and the name of a company which did not exist.

    There have also been repeated questions about where the 66 metres of shelves really are.

    "The 2,326 claim for shelving was made from Mr Devine's constituency office budget, but no shelving was in evidence at the premises.

    He told the Evening News that Tony Moran, the landlord of his local pub had travelled to London to put the shelves up in his flat there. But he is said to have told his constituency party the shelves were installed in the cellar of a former Blackburn pub run by Mr Moran.

    I actually crossed swords with Mr Devine 20 years ago when he was but a humble regional union rep for C.O.H.S.E

    He was a sinner and a swine back then and it seems his wind has been blowing in the same direction since.

    What goes around comes around.

    Today it was reported Scotland Yard is launching a full inquiry into claims made by several MPs and peers for non-existent mortgages. The news comes as further revelations were made that MPs have also claimed for unpaid council tax on their expenses.
    This is also good news that the mortgage and council tax fraud is to be investigated.

    Pensioners (Elderly folks) have been jailed for failing to pay their council tax.
    Case 1/
    Case 2/
    Case 3/ and he was a 71 yr old Vicar (Man of the cloth)

    So I'm curious as to how the law will treat MP's not only failing to pay their council taxes But then going on to claim the unpaid council taxes on their expenses.

    No wonder the UK is going down the shi*ter, when it's being governed by lying, thieving, cheating, disloyal morons who have clearly put themselves before anyone else and that includes our country.

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