I have collected some fantastic web hosting domain names that I am now selling. These are premium domain names and fully brandable for a complete business solution. I've kept the prices low to get rid of them quickly.

Each of these domain names are for sale individually at the listed price. I am only selling the domain name, not any website or any content or any customers. All are registered at Enom. First to post "sold" in this forum with the domain name will get the domain at the below listed price.

Affordable-Host.com - Fantastic budget web hosting domain name $99

HostMVP.com - One of the best domains for unique branding - $99

CheapNetHosting.com - CheapNet is a great brandable name - $79

FirstRateHost.com - This is a terrific web hosting domain name - $79

HalfOffHost.com - Another great brandable domain name - $79

HostAForum.com - The perfect domain name for a forum hoster - $79

OffHostBackup.com - Run a backup service with this great domain name - $19

After you post "sold" with your domain name, pm me to arrange for payment via PayPal and for push to your Enom account.

This offer expires on Wednesday at midnight EDT.

Thank you