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    Question Do webhosts allow you to have your own php.ini file?



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    Not usually... actually I think it's impossible at the moment for everyone to have their own PHP.ini file.

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    ic. thanks for the quick reply =)

    This probably isn't the forum to ask but how do u get around this? Since some of the settings in php.ini can't be set using the phpini function.

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    There are certain things you can do like disabled safe mode for just one site etc but I dont think it is possible to have your own php.ini

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    what is it that you want to change?

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    under plesk the vhost.conf file allows you to change many local php properties.

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    What is plesk?

    There's nothing i want to change right now cause I currently coding on my own linux box/server. I just want to make sure that i don't need to edit code in the future if the webhosts php settings don't fit my specs. =)

    Some php settings can't be set in the scripts, (ie. settings dealing with forms variables,...) so i'm just worried about that.

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    I'd recommend coding your project for the default values of PHP. Otherwise you'll have a hard time finding a new host if you need to switch, most won't change their global configs, especially if the changes will affect other users who depend on those values.
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    I would think that no host would let a client adjust the ini settings unless the client was on thier own server. the risk is just to high

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    thanks for the tip=)

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    Originally posted by okidoki
    What is plesk?

    It looks like your PHP answer was taken care of, but this one was left open.

    Plesk is a graphical control panel for linux (and other OS) which allows you to configure some of the most common features of hosting. It is used a lot by the web hosting companies to allow users to add mailbox, interact with MySQL, change DNS settings etc.
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    We do allow it, as a matter of fact we could give them access to recompile PHP of they wish, in our VPS plans

    But as other "Shared" services, I believe there is a way for anyone to do it if the hosts has Allow All for their .htaccess config settings.

    So this way they can edit certain typical things that need to be done without editing the php.ini, like changing the include path, upload settings, etc. But only if they have AllowOverwrite All in the hosters box, we haven't seen any problems with this small config. Mostly tested this on Ensim.

    Thank you

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