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    forwarding email account dropping emails without bouncing them

    Hello, I hope I am in the right section.
    I am posting here to ask for your help regarding forwarding email getting lost somewhere...
    I own my domain ( and have a reseller plan on a shared host ( I have the DNS on godaddy pointed to the nameservers of reyox and on the Cpanel of my domain at reyox I have a forwarding account ([email protected]) set to forward to my gmail account.

    To the best of my knowledge this has worked flawlessly for years but recently I have been starting to not receive emails from people. I found out when I wasn't getting replies I had been expecting and when I inquired or called the people instead they told me that hey replied... it's been happening over and over again lately.

    When I asked my host last week they replied: "We did clear up some mail issues last night, some issues with the queue processing."
    However after that it kept happening and now I am at a loss.

    I don't know what's wrong nor how to troubleshoot it... It happened with people that are on all sorts of domains (gmail, aol, personal domains etc) and it happens sporadically...
    It's really frustrating because I don't know what else I am not getting considering that every other day I find out about an expected email I didn't get.

    The werid thing is that none of the senders whose emails got lost reported that they received a bounce issue...

    Can somebody help me figure out how I can address this in terms of troubleshooting it and finding a solution?
    Is there some sort of email monitoring services like there are site uptime monitoring services?
    Thank you SO MUCH for your help in advance

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    To be honest, you're in somewhat of a hard place here. Chance are that with a normal hosting account, you're not going to have access to the facilities you need in order to troubleshoot this.

    Ideally in this situation you'd simply watch the maillog for your forwarded messages and that would tell you the full story. However since we don't know what condition their servers are in regarding mail delivery, it's impossible for us to offer any sort of insight.

    There are quite a few issues that could cause this, however with the type of account you have, there's really nothing you can do. That's all up to your hosting provider.

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    You mention the mail log... do i have access to that? My host provides me with Cpanel... I see a raw log but not a mail log

    are there any workarounds (besides switching hosts) anyone can suggest? for example, is it possible with to maybe use their forwarding service (if they even have one) without redirecting the nameservers?

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