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    147 - hosting site with clientexec, idevaffliate, live help, etc.

    I am selling my hosting site after much thought. At the end of this year I am going around the world for 3 months with my wife and I won't have time to manage my hosting site any longer.

    Whats for sale:
    Template and all content: Template Monster Template: $67 which has been redesigned to make it unique.
    Forums: (just the database not vbulletin)
    Clientexec owned license: Value $199.95 (link: )
    iDevAffiliate Tracking Software Platinum /seo: Value $299.99 (link: )
    Live Help Messenger: Value $119.95 (link: )
    Customers: Comes with 4 hosting customers. I have disabled registrations recently as I do not have the time to run the site anymore. Total: $42.80 a month. I have not advertised buy-host in over a year which is why I only have 4 customers.
    Traffic: 600 visitors a month. once again I have not advertised the site in a long time but it still gets consistent traffic.

    Starting Bid: $1000usd

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    Would you be willing to take $750 for the package?

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    Just the software alone is worth that. Remember you are purchasing a site which has content, customers and backlinks and a very good domain. I won't consider anything under $1000usd sorry.

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    Hello, what are your monthly costs...

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    hey I ended up deciding since I was not getting any good offers that I would use the domain and change the way the site is run. I now no longer have to worry about things while I am over seas and the site is going to good use and growing larger every day.

    At this stage I am thinking about how I could use some of the software I have already purchased, otherwise I will most likely just be selling the software such as clientexec and idevaffiliate etc.

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