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    Arrow [For Sale] OWNED H-sphere 200 user license


    we have recently stopped offering Hsphere products and are looking to sell our Owned Hsphere license Key.

    This key is for 200 users
    Allows for Unlimited Remote servers per service (dns, MySql, http, smtp)
    Allows for Windows hosting
    Allows for Windows sharepoint hosting
    Allows for Microsoft exchange hosting
    Has software upgrade maintenance until end of year.

    Owned, not leased. We pay nothing for this key on a monthly basis. This key started out as a 50 license key. Then when parallels changed there licensing requirement for version 3.0 of Hsphere we upgraded from 50 to 200 for a 1 time fee upgrade.

    Again... this key's only restriction is the 200 user limit.

    For more product information please visit

    You may email sales @ hostourweb .com with your offer to buy this key.
    You may Pm this account ONLY with your offer to buy this key.
    PayPal only.

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    i was just informed that the software upgrade maintenance has run out on the 14th of this month.

    sorry for the mix up.

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    I have been able to work a deal with parallels to extend the software service for an additional $225.00 if the deal is completed by the 26th of this month.

    so here is how the whole process will work.

    you pay $200 to host our web.
    I send you the license key and forward all your information to parallels.
    I send you the name of my sales man and from there you contact them and complete the license transfer into your name and also renew the software update license.

    You however do NOT need the software update service to use this license. It will just cover upgrading the software to anything above version 3.3

    200 accounts new from parallels would be around $950. this is a really good deal here for thoes who would like to use hsphere.

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    Offer to Buy

    I am a Newbie who likes to learn and work on everything I touch -- including electrical, mechanical, (spiritual!!!), and PC DIY. I am past my prime, and my main ambition now is to help those in need. Most of my websites will be non-profit and I propose to provide free websites for many Temples and Institutions in India that languish for want of publicity and funds.

    This query is engendered by curiosity and lack of technical expertise, but why are you suspending H-Sphere based Hosting? Is is unstable, or memory-intensive, or too cumbersome compared to other CPs?

    In the light of the foregoing, I always keep looking for bargain offers that would suit the purpose in view. 200 Accounts should be more than ample as I don't want to go overboard, and Parallels has offered Paid SUS and Support on their website.

    Is the Licence still available for sale, and if it is, what is your BEST price?

    Thanks and regards,

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    The item is no longer for sale.
    We moved away from Hsphere in favor of a custom built WHMCS solution.

    Also the fact that Hsphere did not support windows 2007, 2007R2, and Exchange server 2007 made it worthless to us.

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    Thank you, Robbie, for the courtesy of the clarificatory response.

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