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    project hosting

    Hi, I am looking into starting a project hosting site however I am quite clueless on what software/script to use for the hosting part. I am familiar and personally use ActiveCollab and find it quite powerful.

    What kind of software or script would I need to be a project hoster similar to CampBase, CodeBase, "SourceForge"? Most of the softwares that I have been going through via Google is mainly for personal project hosting"?" - As in for company or development team purposes only not on a hosting bases.

    Thank you for any suggestions or guide on how I would go about starting this.

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    There are many scripts out there for that. It's really just a project organization script. You can check out a place like and look at the features of the scripts they have.

    The paid ones *usually* are more secure and have more features, so you should take that into consideration when choosing.
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