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    Kudos to

    I ordered a Linux VPS from about 5 months ago and have received nothing but excellent service. The help that I got during the initial setup process was tremendous, and that’s an understatement.

    The whole server setup took less than an hour to get ready, which was way faster than I expected. And I have also requested ssh port change and disable direct root login, they did it got back to me within minutes.

    I have also asked if they could migrate a few domains from my previous vps provider, they kindly provided assistance to facilitate a smooth transition between hosting providers, despite the problems I was having at the time with my previous host.

    Most importantly, I haven’t come across any downtime since I signed up. I would definitely recommend esited solutions to anyone! If nothing else shouts excellence, then their outstanding support and knowledgeable staff will.

    And one of my domains hosted on my server is
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    eSited is great! I am very surprised I haven't seen more chatter about them on here. I have had a server with them for 6 months and can't recall any downtime. Their support is fantastic and they went above and beyond what you get from a typical unmanaged provider during my initial setup.

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    Thanks for sharing your good experiences with them. Hope your experience stays the same in future also. Follow up your review after a couple of months.

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    Its always good to see a happy review. Good work must be appreciated and encouraged.
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