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    Looking for a good laugh? Read this convo.

    NeoSoldier28: hey
    Dymension X: hello
    Dymension X: how may I help you
    NeoSoldier28: who is hosting your images
    NeoSoldier28: of your layouts
    Dymension X: InVision Mike
    Dymension X: on AIM
    NeoSoldier28: whats the weburl
    Dymension X: the hosting site?
    NeoSoldier28: yea
    NeoSoldier28: see i host too
    Dymension X: haha...
    Dymension X: Reseller ;-)
    NeoSoldier28: everything is unlimited what i host everything from bandwidth to space
    NeoSoldier28: i dont charge for hosting tho
    Dymension X: haha, man unlimited sucks
    Dymension X: get with the times
    NeoSoldier28: rofl
    NeoSoldier28: unlimited never sucks
    NeoSoldier28: why would you want to be confined
    Dymension X: Can you tell me where I can purchase a unlimited HDD?
    NeoSoldier28: let me check

    Well..enjoy .

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    I've had better laughs than that.....

    I want my money back!

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    Closing words from the man...
    NeoSoldier28: and when you said unlimited hd i thought you mean it like this you have one website right and that one website takes up 20 megs and you have a 90 gig hd that is unlimited to them because they will never fill that space up i didnt mean that it was never ending which you assumed
    NeoSoldier28: a never ending hard drive would sell for millions not thousands
    Yup..he thinks no one will ever fill up 90 gigs of HDD space. :p

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    That guy speaks as if he is only 12. What's his hosting company? I want to see his site

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    Wow, how deceiving. On his main page he indicates unlimited traffic.. but with a *. Follow the link and find this:

    22. Does Super.Nu really offer unlimited hits?
    For the vast majority of domains, traffic never becomes an issue and yes, within reason, you should never worry about the number of hits your site receives, but as a practical matter, no provider can provide you with unlimited resources for a fixed price. Bandwidth costs money, and unlimited amounts of it are not available to anyone. Therefore, we set a limit of 5 gigabytes of transfer per month on your domain - anything over this we bill at $12/gigabyte. We reserve the right to shut down any site without notice that is in arrears on payments for overage on traffic.
    I mean at least he realizes there is no such thing as unlimited, but lol, only 5 gigs? Why not just say on the front page he offers 5 gigs of traffic?

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    Gee, I looked at the little * by unlimited bandwidth, and found out you are limited to 5gigs... They charge $12 gig for overages...

    That sure is a far cry from unlimited.
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    Therefore, we set a limit of 5 gigabytes of transfer per month on your domain - anything over this we bill at $12/gigabyte.
    hmm unlimited just dropped from 22 gb to 5 gb, must be a recession lol. maybe jesus got stung on transfer fees.

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    haha, also another tidbit.. when viewing the source, the part where it says:

    Today Only!
    Ends: November 6 2002 at 12:00am Midnight EST.

    Its actually just javascript to pull the current date and say it ends today at midnight... everyday So the offer isn't that special is it?

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    That page made me chuckle . . .

    What's funny is that the comparisons are made from 1998 -- we've come a very long way since then!

    Back then, there were much larger profit margins and 4.2 companies.
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    those prices seem damn hefty even for 98, I had a vds back then for about 38 a month.
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    Get an account and put this command on cron

    cat /dev/urandom > moo &

    We'll see how unlimited it is.

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    Am I missing something? I thought was going to compare FIFTEEN of it's competitors. I only saw 12.

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    His order form is formmail.cgi and emails him your credit card number nice and safe.
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    Hmmmm... His plans get cheaper as more stuff gets included. Isn't that order wrong or something?

    And naming the competitors so blantantly - flames should be following soon after Not to mention, the fact that these hosts mentioned are all in the outrageously pricy bracket. If he really dares to, he should put a link back to WHT and see what happens.

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