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    Selling Windows shared hosting under Reseller Hosting

    I am currently selling linux shared hostings only under linux reseller hostings. Many customers ask Windows hosting, too. So I am thinking to sell Windows shared hosting under Windows reseller hostings, too. But I have no any knowledge about Windows solutions(ASP,, AJAX, MSSQL, MS Access, Tomcat, ODBC). Can I do it? Can you share your experiences and opinions. Thank you.
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    It should be fairly easy to start reselling Windows Shared Hosting since 1) You already have basic hosting knowledge and 2) Your host will be able to provide you support in case of any issues. I'd recommend you to get a good control panel (DotNetPanel recommended) so that will make your life easy and you will be able to perform various tasks yourself. Furthermore, be sure to go with a reseller who provides good support at better response times (preferably under 1 hour) since I believe you will be needing them quite often initially while you get acquainted to Windows system.

    Good luck!

    - Rick
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    Selling windows hosting using a reseller accounts is a great idea, go for it.

    Windows hosting is a big market and setting up servers for windows can be a very complex and expensive endeavor best left for seasoned windows administratiors. This is why windows reseller hosting providers make a good fit for anyone looking to tap into the MS hosting market.

    I agree with everything Rick says, In addition to find a host that will support full reseller features like unbranded servers, white label services or re-branding with your company name.

    Making sure your reseller host says anonymous should also be an important part of selecting your reseller hosting provider.

    As for the support, I agree that windows to Linux when using control panels like Plesk or DNP, its but a matter of getting to know the control panels. You don't really need to have any windows administration experience, leave that up to your reseller hosting provider.
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    Do a google search for windows reseller hosting and find a host who offers Dotnetpanel. Stay away from Plesk and any unlimited plans. In the long run this will work in your favor no matter how cheap the unlimited deals are. Also make sure your provider has been in the hosting business more than 3 years.

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    If I'm not mistaken, Cartika offers both Linux and Windows hosting, including resale. It might make things easier for you if you have both kinds of hosting with one provider.
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    I suggest, if you'd like to offer windows reseller hosting, you might need to use H-SPHERE or Plesk for the control panel...

    And you can offer features with the latest versions such as .NET 3.5, Microsoft SQL 2005, Cold Fusion, Custom DLL components, ASP.
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    Reseller Windows Hosting is the for sure the way to startup considering the licensing costs for a single windows sever is going to be INSANE. Of course once you run multiple Windows servers, pricing becomes negotiable. I doubt you're at that point yet

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