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    Monitoring and Billing systems for large datacenters and colocation centers

    Are there software for billing and monitoring large data centers and colocation centers? How you control client's servers when they rent a rack and install there servers with different OS?

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    The only one I'm aware of is, if you want to have a look.

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    Most large companies use custom billing systems so they can tailor it to their exact needs. If this is not an option, then stock solutions like ubersmith may be the only route to go.
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    There is also, although I'm not sure if it is still is supported and/or developed.

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    Another nod for Ubersmith here. I've seen some pretty awesome things done with their system used as the core.

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    I would suggest to develop your own custom solution if you have the resources as it gives you the flexibility and the power,to easily and quickly adapt to the ever changing industry requirements. Its an investment in the beginning but would fetch you the rewards in the long run.
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