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    VAServ/a2b2 : my VPS is down for more than one week and they lost all the data I had

    I am having a problem with VAServ. I have had most of my work files (for the past two months) saved in my VPS, most of them without any backup from my end. I had so much trust in VAServ that I didn't make backups very often. I don't want two months reimbursement, or even one year.. My data is much more important than that.

    For the past week, every time I contact them, they keep saying they will start restoring the data within a few days. Today, I received a response from Rus saying that "it doesn't look like we wil be able to restore ay more data from this node than we already have"

    Well, I am in big trouble
    Is there anything I can do to restore the old files back from my old VPS ??
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    If Rus said there's no hope in retrieving any of the files, then there really is nothing you can do on your part.

    I suppose your 2 month old backups are better than nothing. I'm sure you've heard this over and over again, but you should have made backups. Especially when their TOS states they are not responsible for doing any backups or for any data loss.

    Good luck, and remember to always backup next time

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    Amen. I put a lot of trust in myself, but I don't even trust myself.
    I backup 10 different ways (and still worry).
    Plan that every day, you server will go down that day, and have to be restored. Sooner or later, that day WILL come.
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    I'm going to have to agree. Anyone who's data is important or crucial to their business or their site, should have an escape plan ready, if not more than one.

    A webhost can be excellent in every way, and something like what happened to a2b2 can happen to them. Even host-provided backups aren't always reliable. I *always* suggest that people find a third-party backup solution in addition to manual backups, regardless of who will be hosting them.

    Regardless, i wish you the best of luck in your recovery efforts.
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